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Short videos of life's happenings

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I've shot some quick videos to give you a glimpse into this lil thing I call life here in Hawaii...

Here is Sensitive Plant which has leaves that close up when they are touched.

These are the sounds I wake up to every morning :-) The video is of the ceiling of my tent around 6:55am.

There are bugs everywhere on the farm! Found all these guys under a rock while weeding and discussing astrological signs.

Filmed this while watching a lacrosse game in Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. You can see the beautiful mountains and a little of Downtown Honolulu in the background.

These little chicks are only about a week old and are some of our newest farm members.

We went for a steep hike up the ridge behind the farm. The best part is running down along the ridge using ropes tied to trees! I've got to get a better video of how fast the guys and I run down :-)

This is Lolita, one of the cats here whose job is to look cute and catch rats.

We burn stumps of trees using old steel barrels and wood. I just liked the fire so I took a video, lol. You can see the ridge line behind the farm about halfway through the clip.

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Fast Friends and Random Vacations

Off to Kauai for a few days with "the couple from New York"

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When I first arrived on the farm here in Waimanalo, I met Tim and Margo aka "the couple from New York." They are your typical New Yorkers and a blast to hang out with. Tim reminds me of a Jewish mother and could keep up with my sarcasm. Margo is in the best shape I've ever seen and such a sweetheart, despite her New York accent and tattoos :-) We spent a good bit of time together, sneaking off to the beach on our break or spending the day in Honolulu, and were fast friends. However, they were only on the farm for a short while. They left after my first week to head off to another Hawaiian island, Kauai, for a bit before going on the Asian leg of their trip.

Margo had insisted a couple times that I come join them and I missed spending time with them so I decided to make it happen. While at breakfast on a Tuesday morning, I tell one of the farm founders "Hey John, I've decided I want to go to Kauai for a few days to see Tim and Margo..." Before I can finish my sentence, John interrupts with "I think that's a great idea. I can take you to the airport in two hours." ::jaw drops to table:: "Wow, uh thanks John." Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how I hadn't even talked to Tim or Margo yet and don't even know what to pack (my packing is a bit excessive; however, we'll get to that in another post [insert jokes here, guys!]). So I tell myself, "Well CC, you always say you only live once (YOLO) so what the heck!" I quickly worked on chores and packed my bag.

Literally two hours later, John sweetly drops me off at Honolulu Airport and tells me to have a great time. I've text Margo a few times to let her know I'm definitely coming but haven't heard back yet. I buy my ticket online using my phone while standing outside the security gates, which is cheaper than buying it at the ticket counter FYI. So I fly 35 minutes from Oahu to Kauai and have no idea what I'm going to do next since I STILL hadn't heard back from Margo.

I walk outside Kauai's Lihue Airport to the information desk and tell the woman that I'm hungry and need a beach. She informs to call the Marriott and their shuttle will pick me up for free and take me to their resort where there is a nice beach and plenty things to do within walking distance. Cha-ching! As soon as I get dropped off, I head to Duke's (Duke's Kauai) for an adult beverage called Lava Flow and their fabulous fish and chips. I sat at the bar and chatted with a nice gentleman from North Caroline with a familiar Southern drawl. From there, I wandered around and settled on the Kalapaki Beach
I went back to Duke's for a sweet treat and enjoyed almost all of a piece of their famous Hula Pie
After a few hours of relaxing, Tim calls me - Margo had been in the spa all day so she didn't have her phone but they were excited I was there and would come get me soon.

Over the next few days, we chatted, joked and wandered around Kauai together. I took a surf lesson from a new friend of their's and totally rocked surfing! This was one of my goals while in Hawaii and I can't wait to improve my skills. We also went to Waimea Canyon which is like Hawaii's version of the Grand Canyon
It's the rainy season in Kauai so we saw a lot of beautiful, full rainbows. Rainbows are special to my family so I took a lot of pics :-)
I was also able to check off another item on my bucket list while on Kauai: seeing a legit sunset!
After our few days together, we all came back to Oahu and spent one more night together. Saying goodbye was bittersweet but we'll definitely stay in touch and I hope to visit them in NY some day. I am currently kicking myself in the rear for not getting a picture of the 3 of us. But for your viewing pleasure, I stole this pic of "the couple from New York" from Facebook

Lesson learned through this experience: Spontaneity is well-worth it so don't be afraid to just go with the flow. Sometimes life pushes us in a particular direction for a reason we may or may not know but we just have to trust the Universe sometimes <3

To Tim and Margo - I'm so happy for the time we had together and thanks for the great memories. I hope you're enjoying Asia, donkeys and all :-)

- CC

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Non-stop Adventures

Hawaii's got all kinds of fun trouble to get into!

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My work day starts around 8am and usually goes until dinnertime. The best part about the daily schedule? The few hours of break in the middle of the day where we're free to do whatever our hearts desire. We either get dropped off or we ride the farm's bikes
I'm at a beach at least five days a week. Halona Cove had a little cave that went under the road to the other side where there was a beautiful valley that you can't really see from the road. Lanikai Beach, which has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, has corals to snorkel around, islands to kayak to, and beautiful white sand.
Sandy Beach has very talented bodysurfers, skim boarders, and boogie boarders to watch all day long. Waikiki Beach has great people-watching as it is a popular tourist attraction and offers a great place to learn to surf in the summer.
Waimanalo Beach is the closest to the farm, only about a mile away. It's a wonderful three-mile beach that often times only has a few people here and there. The water is crystal clear and there are sometimes decent "little" (by Hawaiian standards) waves that are a lot of fun to play in.
Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore is famous for its huge waves and is known as "the world's deadliest wave" (Banzai Pipeline). Great surfers and boogie boarders tear up the waves just like in the movies. Its a good spot because the waves break close enough to shore where you can watch a surfer shred through an entire tube.

My most recent adventure was this past weekend when me and the other two WWOOFers at the farm ventured up to the North Shore. We bussed up to Malaekahana State Park and camped for the night. We went for a late night swim and warmed up by the fire afterwards while chatting with a local couple also camping near us. Our tent was on top of a slope, overlooking the beach and ocean
We packed up early the next morning and hitchhiked for my first time up to Pipeline. Don't be alarmed - hitchhiking is common in Hawaii and we used our guts and best judgement. The first guy that picked us up took us the whole way and had a big cuddly dog that rode in the truck bed with us. We enjoyed Pipeline then ate breakfast at Ted's Bakery (Ted's) - a MUST if you visit the North Shore. We spent a few hours on the beach, napping, chatting, and watching the surfers. Once sun-kissed and fulfilled, we hitched four rides all the way home which was about 40 miles.
Needless to say, the farm's founders were quite impressed we made it all the way home on our own because of the long distance.
Helena, me, and Patrick - current WWOOFers at the farm. We bonded, worked on our tans, and enjoyed our adventure together.

Every day brings something new to explore and experience. I'm very pleased that I chose to start my journey in Hawaii and highly recommend visiting these islands to see what Hawaiian life is all about.

- CC

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February 14th, 2013: The Day I Will Never Forget

sunny 75 °F

What a fabulous Thursday it was. I started out with light farm work then one of the WWOOFers and I got dropped off to explore. It was fabulous because we were able to see so much in that little amount of time. Hawaii is kind of like that: very interesting and easy to get lost in its possibilities. We enjoyed Halona Blowhole and Halona Cove.
We also checked out Sandy Beach, which is Barack Obama's favorite bodysurfing beach. Sandy's has the highest rate of neck and back injuries because the waves break very hard and fast right on the shore. People also skimboard there:


Two WWOOFers and I headed into Honolulu that evening to support a great cause (One Billion Rising) by learning a choreographed dance then performing it outside for passersby. Once our feet were sore from dancing barefoot in the parking lot, we headed to Downbeat Diner in Chinatown to share a hot fudge brownie sundae! It was on our way to that little diner that I felt as I never have before...I felt more alive than ever in my whole life, like I was reborn. It all just clicked - I had a dream and I busted my hump to make it a reality; I stepped out of my limited comfort zone to live in a brand new place, learn all kinds of new things each day while supporting local agriculture, and meet such interesting people. Here's a pic of that exact moment

One of the most common responses I got when I told people of my big life change was "Oh my gosh, I wish I had the courage to do something like that!" My response was "I know, I'm stoked!!" but what I really wanted to ask was "What stops you?" Dreams make life rich and achieving them is to live. I feel like so many people, myself previously included, don't live life to the fullest. I never knew what that actually meant until I started this new chapter in my life and now I feel a constant natural high. I am blissfully, insanely happy and I hope everyone can experience this same feeling once in their lifetime. Trust me when I say it's magical.

The feeling I tried my best to describe above is worth any risk or uncertainty I encounter. A goal of mine while on this journey is to lose my fear of the unknown. When preparing for my journey to begin in Hawaii, I did minimal planning (for a Virgo!) and left plenty of aspects unknown. I thought I'd have a hard time with this because I typically plan every single detail and prepare for anything. But I haven't had any issues with the unknowns because I am so caught up in actually living (based on my definition above). I've discovered that when you're doing what you want to do and enjoying all life has to offer, there is little room for fear because every experience has such vast meaning and fulfillment attached to it. Don't hold back. Make your dreams come true and ride the high for as long as you can.

On February 14th, 2013, I knew without a shadow of doubt that this is where I'm meant to be and I couldn't be happier. This really is my life...thank you, Universe!

- CC

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How I Ended Up In Hawaii

Making my travel dream become my new reality

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About seven months ago, I decided I was going to leave everything I've ever known and travel full time. Things to accomplish before I left: sell practically everything I own, quit my job, spend time with family, and mentally prepare for this journey. I quit working the end of December and spent the entire month of January getting my affairs in order.

Time flew by, as it tends to do, and I was feeling a plethora of emotions - stoked about this epic life change, saddened by leaving friends and family, curious of what was to come, and nervous about packing my entire life into a few bags. I did have a few fleeting moments where I questioned going on this journey. But every time I did, the universe sent the sign I needed to reassure me. One example is my previous employer told me of the Hawaiian saying "Eddie Would Go" (Eddie Aikau) which I had never heard of before. I was heading to a doctor appointment the next day when I saw an "Eddie Would Go" bumper sticker on the car in front of me. Or how about when I wandered into a Hair Cuttery in Locust Grove, Georgia only to meet a woman whose daughter was doing the exact same thing as I'd planned to do - see the world by starting out as a WWOOFer in Hawaii.

I chose Hawaii because I've always wanted to go and it geographically makes sense because I want to eventually visit New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. I decided to WWOOF (WWOOF) in places that are equally or more expensive than the US so I can enjoy low-cost travel while also expanding my horizons, contributing to people's passions, and meeting all kinds of folks. So on 2/4/13, I arrived at the Honolulu airport and was picked up by my soon-to-be farming mentor to WWOOF on his wonderful organic farm in Waimanalo.

My new home is a budding 3 acre aquaponics farm (Aquaponics). I've been here a mere two days and I'm loving it. My hometown of Jacksonville, Florida is very flat so the consistent view of Oahu's mountains is awe-inspiring.
And then there are the beaches and stunning scenic views.
The people I've met are all so friendly and have interesting stories to tell. There are 3 other WWOOFers here right now: a girl from Tennessee that has been here since October 2012 and a couple from New York City that will spend a total of two weeks on this farm. The food is provided and we all takes turns cooking. Everyone makes such tasty organic meals...::looks around nervously:: This is where I had to inform my new friends that I don't know how to cook but am eager to learn and I can make a fabulous sous chef in the meantime. I swam in the Pacific Ocean for the first time today at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park.
I'm also enjoying the challenge of learning farm life and all it entails. So far I've: planted seedlings (spinach, mustard greens, and Anuenue lettuce), watered gardens, fed chickens and collected their eggs, harvested sunflower sprouts, pulled and peeled pole and soy beans, and helped prepare screens to cover the aquaponic beds. I've also done a little sightseeing while running errands. All in all, this is definitely a brand new chapter in my life that I couldn't be happier to write!

Before I go to sleep each night, I send everyone love and look forward to the next day being a new opportunity to explore and learn. I hope to share my experiences through this blog so you can see the world through my eyes and maybe one day be inspired to make your dream a reality too.

- CC

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